Air-Purifying House Plants

The most colorful and best-smelling house plants.Image: HouseLogic

Many air-purifying house plants put out their own sweet smell while removing the nasty ones that make your nose curl.

But just to clarify, while NASA confirms these plants do tackle toxins, they aren't a cure-all for our homes here on earth. They'll remove some toxins, but since our homes aren't airtight (unlike NASA's space abodes), they can't remove everything because the air is constantly changing.

But don't let that put you off. These air-purifying plants can make a difference in your home with their sweet scents. Here are a few to get you started.Image: HouseLogic

Air-purifying plants and their scents:

  • Jasmine has a sweet aroma that can calm you
  • Lavender is great at making you sleepy
  • Rosemary can help you focus and work smarter
  • Sharry Baby Orchid smells like chocolate. Delicious!
  • Mother-in-Law Tongue turns carbon monoxide into oxygen
  • Devil’s Ivy, also known as pothos, can cleanse the air of toxic fumes like glue and paint
  • Mums tackle one of the toughest toxins: cigarette smoke.
  • Peace Lily can reduce those annoying “new” odors from upholstery and carpet.
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